10th Annual Midwestspl Finals - October 28th and 29th 2017
Sedalia, Missouri State Fair Grounds
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Truman Inn & Suites

Econo Lodge Truman Inn
3501 W Broadway Blvd, Sedaila, MO  65301
$95.00 Single / Double
Ask for Midwest SPL Group


Missouri State Fairgrounds

  • Address: Map It! - Gate 4 off of West 16th Street & Route Y
  • Info: State Fair Grounds
  • Times: Saturday 9am till 5pm / Sunday 9am till 4pm*
  • City of Sedalia - Info
  • Facility Policy ( see Policy page ) - here

Check In Requirements

  • Competitors will be required to check in and receive their competitor packs on Friday Oct 27th after 1pm till 9pm at State Fair Grounds. Competitor Packs include: a coupon for (1) free 2017 Finals T-shirt, (1) Competitor Lanyard, (1) After Party Ticket.
  • Competitors checking in on Saturday morning before 9am will be charged a $50 fee.
  • Competitors checking in after 9am on Saturday morning will be charged a $100 fee.


  • Free for the first qualified class
  • $20 for each additional qualified class
  • Parking: $55 - Indoors, includes electricity and security - non refundable
  • Memberships: $20 - Will not receive a membership in the mail. Good till Dec 31st 2017
  • Re-runs $20 prior to eliminations.
  • Guest Pack ( $10 ): (1) Guest Lanyard, (1) After Party ticket.
  • Additional 2017 Midwestspl Finals T-shirts ( $15 )

Indoor Parking

  • Indoor parking will be available for purchase online Oct 1st
  • 50 spots are ONLY available.
  • $55 -  ( non refundable )

    Indoor parking will be available online Oct 1st at 12PM NOON!

    This year, in order for more people to have an opportunity to purchase indoor parking we're doing 3 things differently -

    1. You may only purchase an indoor parking spot for yourself. You will not be allowed to purchase for 4-5 team members as well. In years past, someone was able to stay logged in and purchase memberships over and over. 20 or so people were able to purchase all the available spots. We're hoping this way that everyone will have an opportunity.

    2. We will have the link to the paypal site available to click on a couple days prior. We just wont have it loaded with any spots to purchase. We'll add the spots to check out just before NOON on Sunday Oct 1st. In years past, people didn't have the link "cached" into their system and it wouldn't refresh or the link would not work. We're hoping this will give everyone a chance to make sure the link works.

    3. We are changing the time. We've had several people want this. 12PM NOON on Sunday Oct 1st.




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After Party

After party will be located on the Missouri State Fairgrounds. We're doing something fun and different this year! Everyone is going to have a great time!

Time: Saturday 6pm till 10pm

Sponsored by Sound Qubed



National Finals Trophies

  • 1st - 4th place!
  • All trophies 4 columns
  • Custom plaques 5-8th place
  • Participation plaques for those that do not qualify

Sponsored by Incriminator Audio


T-shirt Sponsorship

If you would like to become a sponsor for the 2017 Midwestspl Finals T-shirts, please contact us immediately. Deadline is Oct 1st. Every person that competes at finals will receive a T-shirt.

2017 Midwestspl Finals Sponsors

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Additional Classes

Additional Classes

Midwestspl Finals always has additional classes available that do not require accumulating points during the year nor are they an "invite only" class. The following classes / fees will be offered -
  • Top Dog - $20
  • Loud N Low - $20
  • Mayhem - $20
  • Benefit - $20 ( all proceeds go to Midwestspl's supported Charity)
*These classes do not require a Friday registration or any late payment fees. Times these classes will be offered will be announced the day of the event.
Progressive Event

Progressive Point Event

Want some extra points for 2018 season? We got you covered! Open to everyone we'll be offering a PROGRESSIVE POINT EVENT. The more people that participate, the more points you'll earn for 2018!
  • Entry Fee ONLY $20 per class!
*Cut off time for registration will be announced on Sunday

Disclaimer & Policy

Vehicle Information: Competitors will be required to have available on Friday night during check in:
  • a copy of their valid vehicle insurance information*
  • a copy of their valid drivers license*
  • 2017 Midwestspl Participation Policy Page - Please review
  • Registration Form - Print out, Fill out and Bring with you to finals - Here

*You will not be able to compete with out these items.